Budrunner Delivery App Promises To Revolutionize Delivery

Recently launched Budrunner promises to be the DoorDash of weed delivery, connecting buyers to sellers and those willing to transport the weed. The app takes advantage of the recent legalization in many parts of the US to help deliver weed to the doorsteps of those who need it.

Bangor, Maine – BudRunner is an app that connects those who want to buy weed to merchants selling weed, aka suppliers, and those willing to transport it. Suppliers register to sell via the Budrunner app, and those who want to make money delivering and have their own dedicated mode of transportation can register to start accepting orders.

The app is designed to alert drivers or delivery people nearest to the supplier and the buyer. The delivery people receive an alert on their phone, similar to how apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash work. The delivery professional heads over to the supplier, pickups up the weed, and delivers it to the person making the purchase.

Cannabis delivery services typically allow customers to order products such as marijuana, edibles, and other cannabis-related products online or by phone and have them delivered directly to the customer. These services are subject to local laws and regulations regarding the sale and delivery of cannabis products, so it’s essential to check the legality of such services in your area before using them.

Readers can find out more about BudRunner and learn how to join as a supplier or merchant by visiting https://join.budrunner.io.

“We are currently in the process of testing the BudRunner app. However, when it launches, we promise it will revolutionize how people buy and businesses sell weed online. We are still working on aspects of the app to help improve user experience, which will be an ongoing process. That’s why we ask everyone who uses the app to provide us with as much feedback as possible.” Said a representative for BudRunner.

She added, “Our team is small, and yet we are excited because not only does this solve a problem, but it does so in a way that everyone who orders food online is familiar with.”

About BudRunner

BudRunner is an app created by a small team of professionals passionate about developing software solutions. The app is expected to launch anytime, and when it does, it promises to make buying, delivering, and supplying weed simpler and faster for everyone.


Jessica Martinez

Jessica is a journalist for 420mediax.com She has been writing for the cannabis industry for years and loves a big bowl and a good cup of coffee.

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