How to Grow OG Kush Cannabis Plants

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OG Kush is a legendary cannabis strain that is well-known for its unique flavor and powerful effects. These are the basics you need to know to harvest OG Kush. These are the best methods of growing OG Kush cannabis.

Choose the Best Growing Environment
OG Kush grows well in a dry and warm environment that gets lots of sunlight. You can grow OG Kush indoors or outside, but it is crucial to keep the environment stable and maintain constant humidity. High-quality grow light fixtures with ventilation systems are necessary to reproduce natural sunlight. You should choose a spot where there is direct sunlight and strong wind to grow outdoors.

High Quality Genetics
Growing OG Kush depends on genetics. High-quality seeds and clones should be purchased from trusted sources in order to grow strong, healthy plants. This is a very important characteristic of OG Kush.

Optimize Nutrient & Watering Schedule
Regular watering of OG Kush plants is crucial, as they are a heavy feeder. Overwatering may cause root rot or other problems. High-quality fertilizer and optimal growth are essential to maximize yields.

Your plants should be trained:
There are many methods that you can use in order to increase yields. OG Kush plants look bushy and can be reduced in height and shape by trimming or topping. To support heavier buds and prevent them breaking, trellising can help.

Harvesting at The Right Time When harvesting OG Kush you must be careful. Too soon harvesting can result in the buds losing their potency as well as flavor. You can reduce the potency and flavor of your THC if you wait too long to harvest. Be on the lookout to find trichomes featuring milky white and hints of amber.

Grown OG Kush takes dedication and quality. This is how you get the full benefits of the classic OG Kush variety.


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