Jessica Martinez

Jessica is a journalist for She has been writing for the cannabis industry for years and loves a big bowl and a good cup of coffee.

Organic Cannabis Growing Techniques

It has many benefits and is extremely popular. Organic farming is a sustainable method of cultivating cannabis plants. Here are some advantages of organic cannabis cultivation. Superior Quality and Great Taste Organic farming produces cannabis that has better flavor, aroma and quality. Organic farming uses natural fertilizers, like compost and horse manure, which provide the […]

How to Maximize Airflow to Ensure Cannabis Plants are Healthy

Airflow is critical for the health, well-being, and growth of cannabis plants. Experienced growers will tell that. Insufficient airflow could cause your cannabis plants to become infected. This can seriously impact your harvest quality and quantity. This article will help you to improve the airflow around your cannabis plants. Why airflow matter Healthy cannabis plants […]

These are 5 Top Mistakes to Avoid While Growing Marijuana

Growing cannabis is both rewarding and entertaining. Growing cannabis can be difficult for beginners. Growing cannabis can be difficult. It may lead to reduced yields, even failure. The top five biggest mistakes cannabis growers make are discussed in this article. Overwatering and underwateringMany growers make a mistake by overwatering and submerging cannabis plants. A certain […]

The Future of Cannabis Payment Processing: An Interview with’s CEO

Over the last few years, cannabis has seen significant growth. However, with this growth come new challenges. The lack of reliable, secure payment processing solutions is one of the greatest challenges facing the cannabis industry. John Smith, CEO of, shared his thoughts on the future of cannabis payments processing. Q: Could you please tell […]